ECS FC Weekly Recap 1/5/14

Last Week’s Results

Sunday 1/5: 

Shale 1 - ChupaComics FC 3 (Matt S.)

Women 3 - Flaming Belles 0 (Ally, OG, and Megan S.)

Blue 1 - Rainier Sports Alliance East 1 (George H.)

Green 5 - Poi Dawgs 0 (Jeff (2), Colin (2), and Brandon)

Black 0 - Poi Dawgs 3 


This Week’s Schedule

Monday 1/6:

Indoor La Barra vs CF FC, 6:50pm at Starfire #1 (9-2 L)

Indoor Brougham vs Space Pirates, 8:10pm at Magnuson SW (9-4 W)

Tuesday 1/7:

White vs Hydro Riot, 8:00pm at Magnuson #6 (4-0 L)

Wednesday 1/8:

Rockets vs Pirates FC, 8:45pm at Marymoor #2

Indoor Redmond vs Old Russians, 9:00pm at Redmond Side Field (11-9 W)

Sunday 1/12:

Blue D3 vs Disorderly Conduct, 9:00am at Magnuson #7 (1-0 L)

Shale D4 vs Rainier Sports Alliance West, 10:45am at Magnuson #7 (2-1 W Scott B., Jeff J.)

Black D2 vs Fuego III, 9:30am at Washington Park (0-0)

Green D2 vs Stonewall FC, 11:15am at Washington Park (2-2 Jeff W. x2) 




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