ECS FC Weekly Recap 2/10/14


This Week’s Schedule

Monday 2/10:

Indoor Brougham vs Getty Images FC, 7:20pm at Magnuson

La Barra Indoor vs Sin Fronteras, 9:30pm at Starfire #2

Tuesday 2/11:

White vs Raw, 6:45pm at Jefferson Playfield

Wednesday 2/12:

Indoor Redmond vs Pars FC, 7:30pm at Redmond Main Field 

Rockets vs ISC Gunners, 8:45pm at Marymoor #2

Sunday 2/16:

Blue D3 vs Hello World FC, 9:00am at Magnuson #6

Green D2 vs The Goats, 10:45am at Magnuson #7

Black D2 vs Poi Dawgs, 11:15am at Georgetown

Women vs Ultimate, 1:00pm at Washington Park

Shale D4 vs WaveBreakers, 1:00pm at Interbay

Men’s Indoor vs Useless on Wednesday, 7:30pm at Magnuson SE


Last Week’s Results

Monday 2/3:

Indoor Brougham vs Flex Whips (4-2 W Matthew, Megan x2, Sarah) 

La Barra Indoor vs OLC (6-6)

Tuesday 2/4:

Indoor Mens vs Lamp (Win by forfeit)

White vs Sounders FT (2-1 L Jerry)

Wednesday 2/5:

Rockets vs Steeler Studs (4-1 L)

Indoor Redmond vs Pro Soccer (7-3 L)

Sunday 2/9: 

Blue D3 vs Smells Like Low Tide (Win by forfeit)

Green D2 vs Dakine FC (*Canceled)

Shale D4 vs Rainier Riot SC (6-0 L)

Black D2 vs Finn Hill United (2-1 W Nate B., Tada)

Women vs Dos Equis (*Canceled) 


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