ECS FC Unveils 2016-2017 Uniforms

ECS FC is proud to announce that the club's new 2016-2017 kits will be manufactured by Diadora and will again be sponsored by our fanastic partners Redhook Brewing. These uniforms will replace our current Adidas uniforms starting in January 2016.

Sales will open to players and supporters on Friday, November 20th and the first run will last through Monday, December 14th. Those who purchase during this initial run will receive their kit by mid-January. For those unable to purchase in the initial run, uniforms will be available on a rolling basis throughout the next two years. However, the price will be lowest during the initial run.


Purchase a 2016-2017 ECS FC kit here


Along with the new uniforms being put up for sale, we want to use this opportunity to re-define our ECS FC kit policies:
- Players who have been playing with the club for multiple seasons and who are financially able will be expected to purchase their own uniforms starting in 2016. We have made a great effort to select an affordable but high-quality uniform. As part of our sponsorship, we will be able to provide sets of club-owned and -maintained spare uniform tops for subs and reserve players on each of our teams, to be collected an kept by individual team managers after each game. As such, we will be able to outfit all players in an ECS FC for every single match.
- We regret that we will be unable to offer payment plans for uniforms due to the large overhead of work that would create for our volunteers. We will need to put the onus on the players for saving up this cost, and in the meantime will be able to provide club-owned spare jerseys for use.
- Additionally, a few of our teams (mostly indoor) will be staying on the Adidas shirts for the time being or will have special arrangements for uniforms. Before purchasing your new ECS FC kit, please consult with your team manager to check if you have any special arrangements.
- Finally, we heard loud and clear from the Uniform Survey that folks are very particular about the shorts and socks that they prefer to wear. As such, we will generally allow players to forego purchase of the new Diadora socks and shorts provided that they wear their own PLAIN BLACK shorts and socks (white trim OK, but need to be black primary). This does mean that we prefer that our current blue-trimmed Adidas shorts be retired in favor of PLAIN BLACK shorts. All in all, we prefer players to buy the Diadora shorts but do want to offer another option due to the feedback received.


We are extremely excited to get started with our new uniforms and to begin a new chapter for our club!


Photos courtesy of Max Aquino Photography


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