About Emerald City Supporters FC

ECS FC is the amateur football club of the Emerald City Supporters. ECS FC’s mission is to create a club in which adult players of ALL levels can play the sport they love.

The club started out in 2008 with the simple goal of getting football supporters to play and learn the beautiful game. Overcoming slow initial growth, membership exploded in 2010. Thanks to efficient marketing, increased membership of ECS, and a strong unifying culture within the club, the numbers swelled rapidly. While there are many teams that claim to be a club, there are very few that can claim to be as organized as ECS FC from top to bottom.

With a dedicated staff in charge of finance, team essay writing hacks management, operations, and social media, ECS FC volunteers manage the largest adult football club in the Northwest, consisting of 380 players across 13 teams throughout the Puget Sound region. ECS FC has attracted many of the area’s best players as well as entire teams to join the club.

Club Objective

To provide a club where all ECS members of all skill levels have an opportunity to play football with their fellow supporters. To host an environment that promotes education of, appreciation for, and a love of the game. Finally, our goal is to spread the knowledge of supporters’ culture and the ideals of the ECS through our Club and players.





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