Club Goals and Policies

ECS FC is the amateur football club of the Emerald City Supporters. ECS FC’s mission is to create a club in which adult players of ALL levels can play the sport they love. The club started out in 2008 with the simple goal of getting football supporters to play and learn the beautiful game, and club management works under this ethos every day going forward.

ECS FC is committed to upholding the reputation of our parent organization, the Emerald City Supporters. Every action we make as a club shall be made with the larger goals of the ECS in mind. We are proud to be not just players, but players and members of the Emerald City Supporters.

ECS FC is committed to providing our players the best organizational and support structure in Seattle amateur soccer. We seek to give our players opportunities to play on multiple teams on various days of the week, so as to help improve skills with increased experience and repetitions. We also seek to offer a variety of scheduling and format options for our players.

ECS FC seeks to align our teams and set them to work together to achieve success at various levels. We always show great respect for our clubmates who play under the same crest. Our teams may sometimes compete in intra-division games, and always take pride in the level of competition and respect shown in these matches.

ECS FC has a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry, or sexism. ECS FC reserves the right to discipline or expel players on these grounds.

ECS FC is proud of the crest, and asks that all club members respect the crest as well. We ask that out of respect to our club, our teammates, and the competitions in which ECS FC enters, players refrain from wearing ECS FC jerseys and kits while playing in non-ECS FC matches.

ECS FC seeks to uphold an excellent reputation among the various leagues and competitions in which we are entered. Players who do not comport themselves in a respectful manner to opponents during matches may face disciplinary action, as we recognize that the actions of an individual may reflect poorly on the entire club.

Above all, ECS FC is committed to players being able to enjoy themselves whilst playing the beautiful game. We adhere to the ideals of amateurism in that this is something we do simply because we love it.


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