ECS FC features two co-ed indoor teams at Arena Sports Magnuson. Since our initial ECS FC entry in the spring of 2011, one team has sprouted into two which have chosen to take on the names of two streets bordering CenturyLink Field - King Street ECS FC and Brougham ECS FC. The teams have spent time in both the C and D divisions. Brougham currently plays in division D on Monday nights.

Brougham ECS FC had their best finish in the 2013 Spring season, finishing in 2nd place in the D-division with an 8-2-2 record. Brougham also owns the honor of having won the inaugural Occidental Derby by a scoreline of 4-1. One of the team’s strongest points is their wealth of experience, as many of Brougham’s players are ECS FC veterans. Brougham has had success with a creative and attacking style of play. And they love their supporters, who are able to come out and enjoy the beers sold at Arena Sports!


Brougham is currently on break in early 2016.


Managed by Nisha Miles


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