ECS FC features two co-ed indoor teams at Arena Sports Magnuson. Since our initial ECS FC entry in the spring of 2011, one team has sprouted into two which have chosen to take on the names of two streets bordering CenturyLink Field - King Street ECS FC and Brougham ECS FC. The teams have spent time in both the C and D divisions. Currently King Street plays in division C on Friday nights. 

We are proud to note that many veteran ECS FC players got their starts in the club by playing for the co-ed indoor teams. We emphasize a supportive environment as well as development of tactical awareness and individual skills.

King Street ECS FC claimed their first league title in the 2013 Spring D-division season with a 10-2-0 record. King Street ECS FC pride themselves on their organization, team cohesion, and competitive spirit, as well as a strong emphasis on control and possession play. The team features a good balance of skills and experience levels - from beginner/intermediate players to more experienced players who take on a role of leadership and support for the squad. And they love their supporters, who are able to come out and enjoy the beers sold at Arena Sports!

WINTER 2016 Schedule

Fri Jan 15th 7:50pm vs Imaginary Madrid @ Magnuson on SW
Fri Jan 22nd 10:20pm vs Crazy Delicious  @ Magnuson on NW
Fri Jan 29th 6:40pm vs Big Heines @ SODO
Fri Feb 5th 8:20pm vs Metro Dog @ SODO
Fri Feb 12th 6:40pm vs Imaginary Madrid @ SODO
Fri Feb 26th 7:00pm vs Imaginary Madrid @ Magnuson on SW
Fri Mar 4th 9:10pm vs Crazy Delicious  @ SODO Seattle
Fri Mar 11th 6:40pm vs Big Heines @ SODO
Fri Mar 18th 8:20pm vs Metro Dog @ SODO
Fri Mar 25th 6:40pm vs Crazy Delicious @ SODO
Fri Apr 1st 7:00pm vs Imaginary Madrid @ Magnuson on SW
Fri Apr 15th 8:20pm vs Metro Dog @ SODO



First Initial Last Name Preferred Position
 B Walker Defender
 M Walker Midfield
 K Gallo Defender
 B Garcia Defender
 K Davis Midfield
 B Jarnot Midfield
 A Delgado Goalkeeper
 A Erne Defender
 D Hollingsworth Defender
 S Switzer Forward
 E Savage Forward

Managed by Brian Walker


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