ECS FC Black is our second-oldest outdoor team in the club and started in 2010. Currently Black plays in GSSL in Division 1 and regularly competes for the top of the table in a highly competitive league. The team has won four league championships (Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Winter 2015) and is always looking to add another to the case. The ECS FC Black squad comprises the core of the ECS FC Men's I team that takes on Timbers Army FC for the annual Supporters' Cup.



SPRING 2016 Schedule

Sunday 6-Mar 11:15 AM ECS FC Black vs BDP FC @ Ingraham HS Std

Sunday 13-Mar 11:15 AM ECS FC Black vs Zelus Calcio @ Interbay Std

Sunday 20-Mar 11:45 AM ECS FC Black vs ORCAS FC @ Edmonds Dis Std

Sunday 3-Apr 9:30 AM ECS FC Black vs NW Import Auto FC @ Genesee Upper

Sunday 10-Apr 11:15 AM ECS FC Black vs Bantburn Rovers @ Georgetown Park

Sunday 17-Apr 3:45 PM ECS FC Black vs Gordon James Fine Diamonds FC @ Shoreline Std

Sunday 24-Apr 11:15 AM ECS FC Black vs Woza Goats @ Genesee Lower

Sunday 1-May 4:30 PM ECS FC Black vs Sin Fire Arsenal @ Magnuson #7

Sunday 8-May 9:00 AM ECS FC Black vs Poidawgs FC @ Shoreline #A

Sunday 15-May 10:45 AM ECS FC Black vs BDP FC @ Ingraham HS Std


First Initial Last Name Position
C Ballantyne Defender
C Cornish Midfielder
C Barr Defender
P             Barr Midfielder
C Raney Midfielder
C Nichols Defender
E Ramelli Midfielder
D     Goodman Midfielder
A Musar Defender
G Musar Midfielder
H Alvarado Midfielder
J Dwight Defender
B Phillip Forward
N Brown Forward
S Hespe Keeper
T Kubo Midfielder
J Schober Midfielder
V Delaurenti Forward
G Mockos Midfielder



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