ECS FC White participates in open men's play on Tuesday nights, and is managed by Kyle Anderson. White originally began as a team for ECS FC Academy players, and has since developed into a very competitive team in its own right. Many of the players also play on Sunday GSSL teams for ECS FC.


WINTER 2016 Schedule

Wed Jan 6th 8:30pm vs Beta Alanine FC on Lower Woodland #7
Tue Jan 12th7:00pm vs Bavarian Bandits on Lower Woodland #7
Tue Jan 19th 8:45pm vs 90 Minutes of Runs on Marymoor Park #4
Tue Jan 26th 9:00pm vs Green Lake Marauders on Lower Woodland #7
Tue Feb 2nd 7:00pm vs PLM FC  on Delridge - South
Wed Feb 10th 8:45pm vs Beta Alanine FC on Lower Woodland #7
Tue Feb 16th 7:00pm vs Bavarian Bandits on Lower Woodland #2
Tue Mar 1st 8:15pm vs Green Lake Marauders on Magnuson Park #6
Tue Mar 8th 8:45pm vs PLM FC on Perrigo Park #2
Tue Mar 15th 8:30pm vs 90 Minutes of Runs on Washington Park



First Initial Last Name Perferred Position
A Robbins Fwd/GK
Brooks Smith Defender
J Reeder Def/Mid
J Cavanaugh Fwd/Mid
J Bolt Forward
J Tyler Def/Mid
Brian Smith Mid
S Porcincula Def/Mid
B Walker Defender
Derek Schneider Fwd/GK
Darin Schneider Forward
B Dubay Midfield
A Gallego Midfield
E Strong Midfield
D Green Midfield
A Fraser Midfield
L Pichette Midfield
D Gorman Midfield
J Hanks Midfield

Managed by Kyle Anderson


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