ECS FC Rising Stars - U6

 The time has come for the latest from ECS FC! We are proud to announce the formation of the 2015 ECS FC Rising Stars program, our U-6 (boys and girls 5 and under) practice group. This is ECS FC's first-ever foray into the ranks of youth soccer. The objective of this group is for young children to gain basic and early exposure to soccer and supporters culture without breaking the bank. This is a volunteer-run group with parent participation required!


We will provide a safe and fun environment for kids and their parents to learn the basic skills of the game. Parents will work directly with their kids under the coaches’ direction on various drills and games that promote basic motor skills and exercise along with beginning soccer skills.

We will be offering two or three trial dates in June that will allow you and your child to come experience what an average practice will look like before making a full commitment the sessions. The cost for these trial practices will be $5 cash on arrival.

In late June, we will open registration for the first four-date session which will run through the end of July. Practices will be on Sundays at 1 pm at Georgetown Playfield (on the side field or in the grass). Sessions will cost $20 for ECS members and $25 for non-members.

Proceeds will cover purchase and maintenance of program equipment and gear.

Please join the Facebook group for all updates, trial session dates, and furtherinfo.



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